Don’t leave me

2016 - 90’ - TV Movies


Chama, 17 years old, freshly admited to a prestigious school, is the pride of her parents. One night, a man visits them and claims that their daughter married his radical-islam-convertd son on the internet and plans to join him in Syria. For Chama’s family, the world falls appart. Nothing will be the same again. A long fight starts for them…


Scénarists :

Françoise Charpiat et Aude Marcle 

Director :

Xavier Durringer 

Cast :

Lina El Arabi, Samia Sassi, Marc Lavoine, Sami Bouajila et Tassadit Mandi 

Broadcaster :

France 2 


 International Emmy Awards 2017 in the category TV Movies

Mini-Series Best TV movie at Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo en 2017

« Golden Bird Price » and Best feminine performance award for Samia Sassi at « Seoul International Drama Awards » en 2016